You know where to wash dishes, bath, and brush your teeth. This all comes routine on your average day. However, do you know where the plumbing is located that connects to all the fixtures in your home? If not, you may ask yourself, where is all of my plumbing located? Well, with Five Star Plumbing, the #1 plumbers in Harford County, Maryland, we can tell you all the details today!


Most plumbing in the kitchen is going to be in the cabinets underneath the kitchen sink. This includes the kitchen sink supply and waste pipes, a second set of supply and waste pipes that connect from the sink to the dishwasher, and a cold-water supply line that leads to the ice maker in the refrigerator. It’s important to check underneath the sink for leaks, as most of the plumbing will connect at this central point.


      Mostly, plumbing in bathrooms is not always visible as it is usually located under fixtures and behind walls. Like the kitchen, the sink’s supply and waste pipes will be located underneath a cabinet or vanity. Toilets sit atop of their waste drain and are connected to a water supply line that is on the wall behind the fixture. Showers and bathtubs have drainage pipes underneath them and have plumbing running from the fixture to the wall where it is hidden out of sight.


      Basements are known for housing water pipes that run throughout the room, which are usually along the ceiling and down walls that connect to your plumbing fixtures. Whether the basement is finished or unfinished, water heaters and laundry fixtures are usually located here. For those with a finished basement, the plumbing will still be along the ceiling and walls, but it will be covered by the previously installed ceiling and drywall.

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