Sewer Line Camera Inspection in Harford County

Sewer Line Camera Inspection in Harford County

While most drain clogs are simple for our plumbers to clear, occasionally there are rooter plumbing problems that call for specialized equipment. Going in with a pipe snake is insufficient when there is structural damage to your pipes, for example. With a sewer line camera inspection in Harford County, a homeowner can identify any of the following problems with their pipes:

  • Valve replacement
  • Replacing the heating element on an electric water heater
  • Replacing the thermostat
  • Replacing the pilot light on a gas water heater
  • Replacing the thermocouple
  • Replacing or installing a water heater expansion tank
  • And more

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Our video pipe technicians service all of Baltimore County and Harford County. So if you need a video pipe inspection for your home or business call us today at (410) 836-0118. If ignored, corroded pipes, leaking joints, and root infiltration can cause more harm to your pipes than just discomfort. The skilled technicians at Five Star Plumbing are ready to handle your plumbing needs and are fully trained in the most recent video pipe inspection techniques because traditional pipe cleaning methods aren’t always sufficient to detect these more complicated issues.

Call (410) 836-0118 for immediate service 7 days a week.

Our Video Pipe Inspection Services in Harford County & Baltimore County

When it comes to severely clogged or damaged pipes, Five Star Plumbing has seen it all. If your drains continue to clog frequently despite regular cleanings, your issues might go beyond simple clogs. Below are some of the scenarios in which our sewer line camera inspection services in Harford County can identify. 

  • pipes with cracks, breaks, or collapses
  • loose joints
  • angled pipes
  • extreme obstructions
  • hazardous corrosion in pipes
  • tummy pipes
  • root encroachment

Pipe damage is a serious issue that can get expensive. Major leaks or clogs may eventually develop and result in significant structural damage to your plumbing system, even to your house! Avoid this by calling our polite plumbing specialists if you have a major clog and asking them to perform a video pipe inspection as a follow-up right away!

Five Star Plumbing: Your Local Plumbing Experts

If you’re looking for local plumbers you’re in the right place. Five Star Plumbing Services is owned and operated by Master Plumber Chris Larichiuta. Chris and his team can handle any plumbing repair or installation. Some key points when you compare us to other local plumbers in the Baltimore area:

  • Locally owned and operated for nearly 30 years
  • BBB Accredited Local Plumbers with an A+ Rating (since 2000)
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured Master Plumbers
  • One of the longest material and labor warranties in the plumbing industry
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
  • 2 hour appointment window (you don’t have to wait all day for a plumber to show up..we know your time is valuable)
  • Fully stocked trucks…a plumber’s warehouse on wheels…plenty of parts on hand to complete over 90% of all plumbing repairs
  • Service available 7 days a week with no overtime charge
  • Courteous, friendly, expert plumber

From General Plumbing to Emergency Services Contact Five Star Plumbing Services for help!

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