Lower Your Water Bill with Plumbing Improvements

From Five Star Plumbing Services Inc

Customers in the Baltimore area who recently opened their heating bills have been complaining about charges that have risen dramatically, in some cases to twice the size of previous bills. With BGE raising its rates, and the cost of living increasing without any sign of slowing down, it is no wonder why people are looking for ways to save money. At Five Star Plumbing, a plumbing company in Harford County, we have identified a few ways you can lower your energy bills with simple plumbing improvements. Below are some steps that you can take to keep money in your pocket and your pipes flowing smoothly.

How To Lower Your Water Bill With Plumbing Improvements

According to a report by the EPA, the average American uses around 82 gallons of water every single day, while wasting around 45 gallons of water per week. Moreover, the average family wastes 180 gallons of water per week from household leaks. That is 9,400 gallons of water annually!

Fix Those Leaks!

Undoubtedly, the most effective way to lower the cost of your water bill is to fix any leak that you may have in your plumbing system or your faucets. Any drip, leak, or running water will result in your water bill increasing, so it is super important that you identify these issues as soon as humanly possible. 

If you believe that you may have a leak, check every faucet, pipe, toilet, and showerhead inside your home and out. An exterior faucet leak can spell big trouble for your yard, leading to severe water damage that can eventually make its way into your home. Another easy way to identify a leak is to check your water pressure. If you have low water pressure, chances are there may be an issue. 

If you are hearing a strange hissing sound from your toilet, you may be experiencing a toilet leak. Another way to identify a toilet leak is by placing a few drops of food coloring in your toilet’s tank, and wait around 20 minutes. If the coloring has made its way to your toilet bowl, then you have a leak.

Replace the Aerator

One of the more common items that plumbers will replace to improve your plumbing is your faucet’s aerator. Faucets will usually lose their aerator over time, which will decrease the steady flow of water from your faucet and require you to use more. By replacing your aerator, you will end up using less water and therefore spending less money on your water bill.

Opt For Low Flow

A great way to reduce your water bill is by replacing your showerheads and toilets with more energy efficient and low flow models. Showerheads with low flow will save you gallons each time you shower, and a more efficient toilet will save you gallons every time you flush. 

Hybrid Water Heater

Even when you are not using your hot water, your water heater will be using energy to keep your water at a warm enough temperature. But it’s 2022, and there are now much better options. A hybrid water heater, AKA a Heat Pump water heater, runs on electricity to function, and uses heat from outdoor air that is brought into its evaporator coil. Unlike a traditional heater, a hybrid water heater does not constantly run in order to keep the water hot. 

Another great alternative is a tankless water heater. A tankless  water heater only produces hot water when you need it, meaning you will use less water and much less electricity. One of the biggest benefits of investing in a tankless water heater is that your investment will be protected by very extensive warranties.

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