How to replace a toilet wax ring

From Five Star Plumbing Services Inc

Wax rings are one of the most important parts of a toilet. These wax rings form a very tight seal between the sewer pipe and the bottom of the toilet. These rings normally require little to no maintenance and last around 30 years. But what if the ring crumbles or dries out prematurely? Below is how to replace a toilet wax ring.

Steps To Replace a Toilet Wax Ring

If you are experiencing a water leak around the base of your toilet, it may be a result of a broken wax ring. Another telltale sign of a weakened or broken wax ring is if your toilet is wobbly. Replacing a toilet wax ring is not an expensive procedure. You can easily find a wax ring at your local hardware store for around $10. Other tools needed for your replacement are a putty knife, an adjustable wrench, a bucket, paper towels, and a shop vac. 

The first step in replacing your toilet wax ring is to turn off your water. Flush your toilet to empty out as much water as possible from your toilet before using a shop vac to remove whatever water is still in your bowl or tank. Next, you will need to disconnect the water supply from the bottom of your toilet’s tank. Empty out the remaining water into your bucket. 

Next up, you are going to need to remove your toilet. At the base of the toilet, there are protective caps that cover the bolts. You will need to remove those, as well as the bolts by using your adjustable wrench. After that, try gently twisting and moving your toilet to loosen it from the existing wax. Grab from the center and pull it straight up.

Using your putty knife, remove as much of the old wax ring as possible by scraping the bottom of the toilet and the toilet flange. After drying the flange, it is time to install the new wax ring. Most wax rings can be installed to either the top of your flange or the bottom of your toilet. Make sure that your wax ring is centered before lowering your toilet onto the flange. Then, make sure that all of your bolt holes line up properly. 

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