A septic system is designed to naturally decompose the waste from your house using bacteria in a septic tank. A well designed and used septic system can last for many years. Choosing the best toilet paper for septic tanks is therefore critical to making sure your system stays healthy for a long time. With Five Star Plumbing, the #1 plumbers in Harford County, we can take a look at a few of the top toilet papers below.

Cottonelle Ultra Clean Care Toilet Paper

    This is a single ply toilet paper that is 3 times stronger and thicker with twice the absorbancy as the next brand. It has over 40,000 ratings and a nearly perfect 5 star record.

    It is made from water and renewable plant-based fibers, giving it the biodegradable properties that you would want in a bath tissue.

    It is clogged safe, sewer safe and septic safe. It is also a great value to boot.

    Scott Rapid Dissolving Toilet Paper

      This toilet paper is made specifically for use in septic systems and other toilets like RV and boat toilets where fast dissolving and disintegration is key.

      It breaks down four times faster than other bath tissues and is still soft and absorbent. This is an overall great toilet paper brand to choose.

      Angel Soft Toilet Paper

        Angel Soft is well known for their softness and strength. Another advantage is that they are cheaper compared to other big brands but still does the job if not better.

        It is not as thing as the Scott toilet paper sheets but it isn’t as thick as other brands which helps to let it dissolve much easier.

        Seventh Generation White Toilet Paper

        This is a toilet paper that is not only great but it is also environmentally friendly as it is made from 100% recycled paper.

        This is a 2-ply toilet tissue paper that has no dyes or inks and is compatible with RVs, campers and low-flow toilets. It is of course septic system safe and a rainforest alliance-certified paper.

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